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Does God Approve of Christian Dating Apps?

By 23/06/2022No Comments

Does God Approve of Christian Dating Apps?

Yes, some Christian dating sites are legit, but not all of them. Christian dating sites that put faith in the foreground, offer a high-quality dating experience, and have safety measures in place to keep the experience wholesome absolutely are legit and can be trusted. However, not every option out there fits this bill. Again, this is the reason that our team works so hard to bring you honest, thorough, and complete recommendations for where your faith-based online dating experience will truly be legit.

If this question didn’t cross your mind, you might be surprised to learn how often we hear it. Many people (and understandably so) want to know if God approves of Christian dating apps. While we’re not going to try and speak for the almighty himself, we will offer our interpretation and opinion on the matter. Ultimately, the decision is up to you. If you do need more clarification or a second opinion, you can always reach out to a pastor or faith leader in your church.

In our humble opinion, we feel that when used properly, Christian dating apps can be a powerful, God-approved tool to find that special someone. What do we mean by used properly? We mean that you use the app for the wholesome search for the faith-focused relationship God intends for you to find.

If you were building a house, would God be mad at you for using a shovel? Probably not. If you were trying to keep pests out of your yard, would God be mad at you for using a fence? Again, probably not. The point we are trying to make here is that God doesn’t get upset when we use tools to help us accomplish his will.

Now, if you were using that shovel to hit your neighbor over the head, that might be a different story. In our opinion, it all comes down to intent and the proper use of the tools we’ve created. Remember, God gave us brains to be thinking creatures and to innovate. As long as you aren’t using Christian dating apps to look for hookups, meet non-Christian singles, or do something that gets in the way of your relationship with God – you should be good to go.

Christian Dating Sites for Free

Often, people looking for faith-based love ask where they can go to find Christian dating sites for free. We 100% understand that sometimes budgetary concerns limit the options you have when it comes to finding love on the internet.

Before we share a few options, we do want to make something known. Free Christian dating sites are not going to be anywhere near the quality of what you get when you pay for an option. When things don’t cost anything, the sites tend to put less resources towards features, quality, and bringing on new members. The result may feel nicer on your wallet or purse, but it may cause some unnecessary headaches.

Tips for Finding the Right Christian Dating App for You

Here’s what we recommend. Start by taking advantage of free trial offers. We have links for all of these next to each site recommend on the page. While these trials are usually limited, there are some opportunities to get access to completely free Christian dating sites. For example, Higher Bond is a brand new dating app launching in early 2022 that’s offering free 6-month memberships to everyone who gets on the list now! It’s an incredible perk that’s actually free and something you should sign up for right now. Here’s the link to get on the list.